Philanthropy at Warner Tree Service Palm Harbor, FL

At Warner Tree Service, we know that protecting the world around us is important. In addition to taking care of our community’s needs, we’re proud to partner with organizations that support environmental preservation efforts. By doing so, we’re able to show that we care for our planet and are truly dedicated to the trees that we take care of on a daily basis.

Giving Back

We are proud to give back by donating to the Sierra Club. Since 1892, the Sierra Club has worked diligently to preserve nature areas throughout the United States. The Sierra Club is dedicated to working in communities to raise awareness about wild spaces and the health of our planet. Through their dedicated efforts, thousands of acres of precious wild land have been preserved and protected. Because we make our living off the trees in our community, we feel that it is only right to care for our community’s wild areas.

The Sierra Club boasts 1.3 million members nationwide and is considered the most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States. Each member of this philanthropic club works to protect wild areas by educating others and caring for wild spaces in their own communities. We’re proud to be part of these efforts to protect our community and our planet. We hope that you’ll be inspired to learn more about the Sierra Club and make a donation to environmental protection efforts. It is our hope that through education and research, we can reach an agreement about how we ought to interact with the world around us.