Stump Grinding Palm Harbor, FL

Tree stump grinding costs less than tree stump removal, and it has no damaging impact on your landscaping. It’s a relatively simple process, and because it doesn’t require deep digging, there’s no large hole to fill in or potential hassles with underground lines for utilities and water pipes.

How Is Stump Grinding Different Than Stump Removal?

With stump removal, the entire stump and its root ball must be removed. Stump removal can be considerably more complicated than grinding. That’s because the root ball can be quite large and deep. To remove the entire stump and its roots can mean significant time and expense. It also creates a large hole in the ground which must then be filled in.

The best way to determine whether to remove a stump or to grind it down is to schedule a professional tree examination. Warner Tree Service’s ISA Certified Arborist Rick Warner can advise you on the best course of action. Most of the time, grinding will be the preferred option. It will remove the problem and cause the least disruption.

Is Stump Grinding Something I Should Consider?

Even with the best landscaping, tree stumps can look unsightly on a residential or commercial property. Sometimes they can even reduce property value. Stumps can also be safety hazards for pedestrians, and property owners can be liable for injuries sustained in any trips, slips, and falls tree stumps might cause.

Stumps can harbor bees, snakes, or ants. Because termites like to feed on dried and rotted wood, stumps can attract these destructive insects to your property. Roots from stumps can continue to grow and damage swimming pools or structural foundations while creating cracks in sidewalks and driveways. Stumps can also develop mold that can spread to other areas of your property.

How Does The Grinding Process Work?

Stumps are typically ground down to about 4 to 6 inches below ground level. Mounds that have formed around the stumps can also be removed. Unlike stump removal, grinding is accomplished using a small machine that won’t damage your landscaping.

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