Tree Trimming Palm Harbor, FL

Proper pruning is absolutely critical to your trees' health, structure, appearance, and the safety of your property. Well-groomed trees complement your landscaping, provide shade and add to the enjoyment of your residential or commercial property.

Why Should I Hire A Professional To Trim My Trees?

Each and every pruning session is critical to a tree's long-term success. Every tree is different and every situation is different. Rick Warner, ISA Certified Arborist, prides himself in asking the right questions and providing the best solutions for each situation. Pruning can be a subjective practice, we feel confident that after your consultation with Warner Tree Service, you will have the confidence that we have the skills and expertise to provide you with your best solution while working within the ANSI A300 Pruning Standards. Another advantage of hiring a tree service is that it can be risky and even dangerous to attempt this job yourself. Without the proper tools, knowledge, experience, and equipment it’s all too easy to get in over your head and injure yourself or others.

Warner Tree Service has the skills and expertise to bring out the natural beauty and health of your trees while adding to the visual appeal of your property. As a fully licensed and insured company, Warner Tree Service can prune your trees while maintaining a safe environment. Call us for a free service estimate in Pinellas County and areas of Pasco County and Hillsborough County.

We can assess the needs of your trees, and we’ll work with you to maintain their beauty and structural integrity. Warner Tree Service uses industry-approved equipment, and we hold to the highest safety standards. We’re located in Palm Harbor and provide services to Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, Safety Harbor, Clearwater, New Port Richey, Trinity, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Belleair, Odessa, and Largo.

When Is The Best Time To Trim Trees?

Ideally, tree pruning should begin while trees are still young. This is the best way to stimulate and encourage healthy growth while keeping problems from developing as trees grow. We believe that the most important pruning session is the one that is about to occur. In a perfect world, we would have the opportunity to prune every tree at every stage of the life cycle because we are incredibly confident that our philosophy on proper structural pruning is the best way to go.

That said, older trees that have not been properly pruned in the past will still benefit greatly from our pruning services. We will advise you on the proper course of action for proper pruning moving forward.