Hedge Trimming Palm Harbor, FL

Well-groomed hedges can increase the aesthetic appeal of your property. We believe that hedge trimming is both an art and a science. Hiring a professional to look after your greenery gives you the assurance that hedges and shrubs will always look their best.

What Are The Benefits Of Hedge Trimming?

At Warner Tree Service, we know that shrubs are more than just pretty additions to residential or commercial landscaping. When properly cared for, they can also provide a privacy screen while defining boundaries within and around spaces. Hedges help to protect against storm damage, and they can be used as a background for colorful plants and flowers. Artistic use of hedges can add to the curbside appeal and value of your property.

How Are Shrubs Cared For?

Hedges and shrubs require at least annual care. To keep greenery looking its best, semi-annual trimming is recommended, although the frequency will depend on how quickly your shrubs grow. Shrubbery should be kept dense and full with regular removal of any unruly stems and shoots.

A professional shrub trimming service can trim your greenery in a way that promotes healthy growth. We can trim shrubs specifically to encourage new growth or to guard against overgrowth. We’ll keep shrubs from impeding walkways, and after we’re done, we’ll clean up the cuttings and use them as mulch.

Shrubbery is best trimmed in spring after the initial growth spurt. It might also need a second trim in early fall prior to the rainy season. Unruly hedges can require a few trims and several growing seasons to be coaxed into a neat appearance, but it’s important not to cut too much at any given time, otherwise, the hedge might not recover.

How Much Does Hedge Trimming Service Cost?

The cost will vary according to the amount and condition of the greenery on your property. At Warner Tree Service, we provide free written estimates for all of our work, so you’ll always know in advance what we’ll be doing and how much it will cost. Our family-owned and operated business is fully licensed and insured. We’re based in Palm Harbor and provide hedge trimming services in Pinellas County, Pasco County, and Hillsborough County.