March 13, 2015

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Consider When Focusing on Your Yard

Although Florida’s climate calls for you to tend to your yard all year long, now is the perfect opportunity to give it some extra attention so […]
February 17, 2015

Five Common Landscaping Mistakes Homeowners Make

Landscaping mistakes cause many problems. The most serious mistakes can result in having to totally redo areas that already were landscaped. Even worse, mistakes in land […]
January 8, 2015

How to Make Your Yard the Best on the Block in 2015

Many Palm Harbor, Florida, residents have made it a New Year’s resolution to improve their homes in 2015, and making your yard better is a key […]
December 3, 2014

4 Tips for Keeping Your Yard Alive Through the Winter

Although winters in the Palm Harbor, Florida, area are mild compared to northern states, extremes in weather can affect your garden and lawn. Preparing trees, shrubs, […]
November 3, 2014

3 Signs Your Yard is Turning Into a Jungle and Needs Attention

Life can get busy, especially during the seasons that promote healthy growth in your yard. However, it’s easy to lose track of your yard if you’re […]
October 6, 2014

How to Breathe Life into a Yard that Looks like a Desert

A yard is more than just an area outside a house. It’s also the gateway to your home, and how it looks can make a big […]
September 17, 2014

How to Tend to Your Trees Before Winter

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area, your winter concerns might usually be limited to whether there will be more than one week where you […]
August 25, 2014

3 Reasons to Get Your Hedges Professionally Trimmed

Hedges are popular in landscaping because they provide good color, clear definition and property privacy. However, for too many homeowners, a hedge is better in theory […]
July 24, 2014

3 Tips for Making Your Yard Florida Friendly

Living in Florida means being surrounded by beautiful scenery and enjoying plenty of warm, pleasant weather. Like many homeowners, you probably love taking advantage of the […]